Blackstone Playing Field Lease


Woodmancote Parish Council have been working with Sussex Cricket to develop a new lease for the rental of Blackstone Playing Fields.  As residents are aware, this process has taken considerable time and during this period some residents requested the opportunity to view the lease and comment on it prior to it being signed.  The Council are therefore engaging with residents to offer them the opportunity to do this for a 28 day period.  

Unfortunately, delays have been experienced and the original date for the consultation period were not possible. We are still working with Sussex Cricket to produce the final draft lease which will be used for the public consultation and we do hope this will be available soon. 

When the consultation is carried out, all comments received will be collated and reviewed by the Parish Council at a public meeting, the date of which is to be confirmed.  The Council would note that comments will be looked at individually but this will not necessarily mean that clauses will be amended or added to reflect all comments made.  

Prior to this new lease being drawn up the Council obtained a valuation of the site and have negotiated a new rental of £5,000 per annum.  This will be of benefit to the Parish as additional income will be received by the Parish Council - we would note that within the current lease that commenced in 2003 the Council receives no net income. The new lease will run for a 30 year period from 2022 and will be between Woodmancote Parish Council and the Sussex Cricket Foundation.  The full documents will be put on the website when they are available for residents to view. 

When the consultation period commences comments must be emailed to the Parish Clerk at  Should you have any queries, please contact the Parish Clerk on 07884 962453.  

The Council apologise for any inconvenience in regards to the delay of this consultation period. The website will be updated as required and notices will be placed on the Parish Council noticeboards with the consultation dates when they are confirmed or if you wish to email the Clerk with your email address you will be informed when the consultation commences via email.   Thank you for your understanding.